4 Reasons To Visit The Isle Of Wight

The UK is a melting pot of different experiences, rich culture, and fun activities waiting for an adventurous traveller at every corner. There is something for everyone. Take a tour of London museums and admire the stunning architecture. Or try your luck by placing a bet via Power Spins. There can’t be a dull moment

Visiting Casinos During Your Travels

Travelling and casinos for many people go hand in hand. People like to visit casinos when they visit new places and cities. Many people, for example, play casino games online and take advantage of bonus offers regularly, such as the promo at Mohegan Sun or some other online casino, but when they travel they plan

Three Best Travel Packing Trips

It is believed that the more you travel the richer you are. Maybe not in the financial sense but more in the sense of new experience. You visit new places, meet new people, and gather new information. The more you travel, the more you know. There are many good sides to traveling. However, there are

Gambling on the Isle of Wight

The largest island in England has had a number of contributions to the world. The Island of Wight is known for the scientist Robert Hooke, who constructed the term ‘cell’ to describe the basic unit of life, as well as the TV celebrity Bear Grylls. Another famous nickname it has is the “Dinosaur Capital of

Sporting Activities on the Isle of Wight

When you think of Isle of Wight, you are probably wanting to visit there and then to have some fun. It is around water, so there are water sports but which ones? Also, what sports can you do land? How much does this all cost? If you want to start making more money and fast

Adventure Holidays on the Isle of Wight

It’s time to save up some money because spring is near and the Isle of Wight welcomes you to enjoy countless adventurous activities. You could take an extra job, give up Netflix and HBO to put some money away for an awesome holiday. But, what if I told you there’s a better way and you’d

How to get ready for a festival

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Getting Ready for Your Trip to the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a great holiday destination but your trip can turn into a total disaster if you don’t think things through in advance. We will try to help you figure out the important parts of your vacation so that you have the best time of your life and as few bumps in

Isle of Wight Randonnee 2017

Do you love to cycle? The Isle of Wight invites you to take your bike through the British countryside in a non-competitive cycle ride that’s been around since 1985. There is no registration fee but you have to submit an online registration before the event that’s going to take place on April 30th, 2017. There

Tips & Tricks for 2017 Events

To begin with, let’s make a list of the most important events that will take place on the Island of Wight in 2017: 1. Isle Walk – 29th April – 14th May 2. IoW Randonnee – East Cowes, 30th April 3. Isle of Arts – Ventnor, 1st-4th May 4. Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend –