Gambling on the Isle of Wight

The largest island in England has had a number of contributions to the world. The Island of Wight is known for the scientist Robert Hooke, who constructed the term ‘cell’ to describe the basic unit of life, as well as the TV celebrity Bear Grylls. Another famous nickname it has is the “Dinosaur Capital of the UK”. This is due to the fact that more than twenty different dinosaur species have been discovered there.

As impressive as all of that is, there is another matter we will be discussing today – gambling. That’s right, IOW knows how to dabble in friendly wagers, and knows its way around the bet365 offers so we have decided to show you the ropes.

Isle of Wight is not famous for its casinos and betting venues. People don’t flock over to them, hoping to get enchanted by a gaming haven. That being said, there are a few casinos and betting shops you can visit and place a wager.


If you are a fan of Grosvenor Casinos, we have some good news – they can be found on the island. What is interesting about this casino that has locations not only in the UK, but in Belgium and Spain as well, is that they acquired the ‘Casino Operator of the Year’ award back in 2013. While it is a land-based casino, you can play multiple games online, including Poker and Blackjack.

Another casino to watch out for is the Gala Casino. Similar to Grosvenor, the Isle of Wight is just one of its many locations. They, too, have a website where you can play as much as you would like. Some of their interesting games bear the name and design of famous movie culture icons, like, for instance, The Matrix, The Dark Knight, Batman V Superman, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Mummy and many more.

It goes without saying that these slots are just some of the options you can partake in, aside from the standard live casino games, like the Roulette. A wonderful thing is that you can choose your own live card dealer. Additionally, at the bottom of each of its pages, you will find detailed info on casino bonuses and what is needed to claim them.

Sports Betting

IOW would not be much of a remote betting place without being able to bet on sports, now would it? There are two large bookmaker companies in charge of sports betting, spanning across a handful of locations on the island. They are Betfred and Ladbrokes. Here you can place a wager on rugby, snooker, football and horse racing.

Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals

Here is something to bear in mind – this is one of the most, if not the most popular form of gaming on the island. More than £60 million were gambled using these machines in 2015. With the outcry of concerned parties, the maximum wager that can now be placed in such a machine is £2.


Though uncommon, there were illegal gambling incidents in the past. In November 2017, the police raided a vape shop, called “Wicked Vapes”, when they were tipped off by the neighboring business owners. The vape shop in question became suspicious for its late night visitors that would occasionally leave with money in their hands. 39 computers were seized, and gambling software was found on them. The shop owners never acquired a gambling license.