Isle of Wight Walking Festival 2017

After the Acoustic Isle 2017 festival that occurred in late February – early March, the island is ready for another event: Isle Walk 2017 (April 29th – May 14th). It’s time to take your walking boots to discover the beautiful countryside of Wight. People of all ages and nationalities come to Isle Walk with the sole intent of walking the trails of the island to enjoy picturesque landscape classic to British geography. In case you didn’t know this already, the Isle of Wight is often known as England in Miniature and you will easily understand why if you participate to this event.

See up close the gorgeous chalky cliffs of the west coast and the green rolling hills of the eastern side. You will be walking through small villages and sailing towns as well as areas where people set foot with utmost respect in order to not disturb the quiet of nature.

For 2 weeks, you will forget about daily activities and you will enjoy the peace of England’s countryside where so many big city inhabitants come to live after retirement. They had enough of the tumultuous urban life and they want to live their golden ages in peace and fresh air.

Here are the first week challenges available at the Isle Walk 2017. You can book them on the official website of the island. For the second week challenges, visit this website.

Full Island (9-33h)
Half Island (4.5-16h)
Quarter Island (2-8h)
Return to the Mummies Caves (2h)
DLW Explorations No 1 (2h)
DLW Explorations No 2 (2.45h)
Walks from Rails: Reclamation (5.3h)
DLW Explorations No 3 (4h)
DLW Explorations No 4 (3h)
The Roman Landscape (2h)
Earth Walk (1h)
Walks from Rails: The Solent Tunnel (3h)
Honey for Tea (4-5h)
Ashe Amble (2h)
Pootle Around Pig Leg Lane (1h)
The Garlic Farm Walking Tour (2h)
Five Mills and Five Houses (4-5h)
Walks from Rails: Ventnor’s Byway Ventnor (8h)
Shanklin – 160 years of education (2.5h)
Nordic Walk around Seaview and St. Helens (3h)
Mill Corpse Management Walk Yamouth (1.5h)
West Wight Jaunt (6h)
The View from Here (6.5h)
Bob Dylan and Wootton’s Music Heritage (2h)
Nature in Newchurch (2h)
The Wroxall Wriggle (4h)
Newport Quiz Walk and Treasure Hunt (2.5h)
The Robert Hooke Trail (3h)
Warrior the War Horse (3.5h)
Beaches Bars and Blisters Day One (10h)
Spring on the Downs (2h)
Undercliff’s Mysterious Landscape (3.5h)
Off the Beaten Track in West Wight (5.5h)
Jimi Hendrix in the West Wight (2.5h).