Tips & Tricks for 2017 Events

To begin with, let’s make a list of the most important events that will take place on the Island of Wight in 2017:
1. Isle Walk – 29th April – 14th May
2. IoW Randonnee – East Cowes, 30th April
3. Isle of Arts – Ventnor, 1st-4th May
4. Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend – Newport, May 2017
5. Isle of Wight Festival – Newport, 8th-11th June.

Where to eat

Considering that the Isle Walk is mostly about walking on trails through the countryside, you will have to contact the organizers to find out if there are any meal options available. Still, you will probably have to bring your own food with you. For all the other events, you will have the chance to enjoy cooked meals at the best restaurants in town. Here are great places where you can eat:
East Cowes: The Lifeboat, Prego, Taste of India IoW.
Ventnor: Royal Hotel, The Hambrough, Spyglass Inn.
Newport: Gods Providence House, Medina Quay, Thompson’s Restaurant.

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Don’t overestimate yourself

There are plenty of walks you can take during the Isle Walk, some of which being more than 10 hours long. Hiking at a brisk pace for this long is strenuous exercise and should be avoided by families with children and by elder participants who suffer from heart disease. Opt instead for shorter walks at easier paces. You could do a test beforehand to see how much you can walk off road to find your limits. The same goes for the IoW Randonnee bike ride. If you have never traveled far on your bike, it’s recommended to go on the 55km ride instead of the 100km one. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to finish the longer one, but you might be exhausted and you will turn an otherwise beautiful trip into a very unpleasant physical stress.

Buy everything in advance

We are talking here about anything that has to do with your trip, from airfare to train, bus and ferry tickets, festival tickets etc. If you travel by public transport, check the timetables and make sure you don’t waste time between rides. It’s important to verify if the schedule is the same on holidays and weekends if that’s when you will be traveling. You might consider saving money to rent a car if you don’t already own one because this will make your trip much more enjoyable and will simplify everything related to transportation.

If you want to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, buy the tickets early to get as close to the stage as possible because those places are sold first. Check if there are any discounts for your social category. For example, students pay less than regular adults. Also, if you come with your own car, you will have to pay a parking fee for the entire duration of the festival. This fee can be paid online when you buy the entrance tickets.